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    Link to a catalog

    All - I am a dealer for products and they sent me the how to (listed below) and im not understanding it. WOndering if someone could help me out. I use the godady site builder, but im just not understanding what i need to do on my end to link it all to the catalog as they instruct me to do. Thanks! 



    To build your own customized version of our Interactive 2018 Collection you must first link the Rothco items from this catalog to the items on your website. This will allow your customers to buy the products directly from your website when they click on an item in our catalog, providing your company with a great sales tool. Once this has been done once for each item, you will be able to automatically create all our future catalogs without any further input.

    You may access your version of the catalog at the following link... 

    or embed it into your website via an iframe... 

    <iframe frameborder=0 src="https://dealer.Rothco.com/carolinagunclub/2018" width="100%" height="100%"></iframe>



    There are two ways to link items to your website:

    1. Quickest: If you use Rothco item numbers in your URLs, 
      then you can simply enter your URL structure on the main page and we will automatically link all the items in our catalogs to your website. 

    2. Simplest (but longest): You can paste in the link to each item next to the correct item number below. You can also fix any broken links below if the URL structure on the main page does not work for all links. Some of the links below such as "Footwear are intended to link to the main categories on your website and will need to be entered manually below.
    Rothco Item Number

    etc etc etc
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    Re: Link to a catalog

    Hi @carolinagunclub,


    It looks like this catalog is designed to work with a shopping cart on your site.  Having used pdf files for years, I know that editing them for the web can be a pain. 


    Have you built your shopping cart yet?  If not, you'll want to take a close look at how the product numbers in your inventory/cart match your vendor's numbers.  As noted in the instructions, if you use the vendors numbers as your numbers all is easy with a URL replacement.  If not, then you have to manually identify (or create a spreadsheet for import) the correct URL structure.  Does the company provide a spreadsheet of the product information?  That will be a key to creating your cart.  If you need some help on that let me know.


    After your shopping cart is built, you will then need to edit the catalog and provide it with your URL's to the website.   Not knowing what the catalog's exact format/structure I can't guide you on that part.


    Of note, if you decide to build a shopping cart for this particular catalog, take a close look at your platform.  Because of the number of products, product variations, and shipping requirements a base shopping cart may not be enough.  If you're like most small businesses you'll want a few automation features to help you manage getting information into the cart and orders to your supplier. 


    Hope this helps,


    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

    Re: Link to a catalog

    Hey Jamess

    Would love to email you on this is possible. Im pretty good at this stuff, but for some reason, just not catching on! lol


    Thanks for your offer...i promise, I won't be a pain! Thanks again