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    Not Able to Add Google Tag Manager Code!

    I am using Website builder for about 3 months now and one thing I really HATE is not able to add Google Tag Manager, due to which I am unable to remarket using google ads, not able to track phone call and many other things which are required.


    The only reason  I am stuck to use to Website Builder is due to custom audiences which I have created to run Facebook Ads. I would lose all my traffic and data if I switch to WordPress.


    I need the resolution to add custom tracking code. I have read many people are facing the same issue, so it's a request for the developers too add a section for Google Tag Manager so that all tracking code of Google can be placed into one space.


    PS:- Don't revert by writing try other platforms like Wordpress


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    Super User III

    Re: Not Able to Add Google Tag Manager Code!

    Hey there @Loveen 


    I realize you don't want this as an answer, but you're on the wrong platform. 

    Best Regards,


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