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    Problem in publishing to my website

    Hi All,


    I have created my HomePage using websitebuilder(trial) and tried to publish to my website( which I registered through GoDaddy). It is published successfully and saying your website is Alive.


    But When I browse my website, the page does not appear. Even the new page data is not in Plesk. But it is appearing in godaddysites.com. 


    So I like to know how to upload / Publish the page from the WebSite Builder.





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    Re: Problem in publishing to my website

    Welcome @Babupers,


    Regrettably we can't assist with specific account issues here, but something strikes me as curious. You mention Plesk and the Website builder (trial). One relates to a hosting account and the other relates to the builder which has built-in hosting. 

    You would need to set the DNS and use (publish to) one or the other.

    Please contact 24/7 support to look at this.


    We'd be happy to hear if you find out what happened if others would benefit from it.


    Thanks in advance,
    Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 support available at x.co/247support