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    Square Syncing Questions

    Hi there-


    I am setting up my store on here. 

    I have imported my existing inventory from Square over. Simple enough.


    It kicked out items with multiple variants - such as Tshirts.

    So I tried to sync again - it did not add double items but reloaded items I had deleted from GoCentral side. 

    So then I thought I'll use the CSV method.  Geesh - that's labor intensive adding ALL of those columns. I should be able to import the basics & fill in the rest. And getting them in the right order is also an unnecessary requirement. 


    Which brings me to a question:   if I manually add the items, exactly as my Square inventory, will it 2-way sync?? 


    Next question: as I add items to Square, will it automatically pull them over? Or will I from now on have to manually add them or use CSV method? 



    (Still on hold with chat at #50!)






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    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: Square Syncing Questions

    Hi @Oddbird,

    Just checking in to see if you got your questions answered! If so, it would be super helpful if you'd come back and share with other community members the answers to your questions. Thanks much!