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Photo Order

I have a personal website of travel photo's in GoCentral. Every page has it's own gallery. When I drop and drag photo(s)  to change the order of the photo slideshow it looks ok, but when I preview it makes up it's own order.  I'd appreciate any help.


Re: Photo Order

I am having the same issue... We are a construction company and I need my photos in the order that I put them but it keeps changing the order and makes the order of my redesigning interior rooms out of order....


Re: Photo Order

I'm having the same issue and can't get a straight answer from Godaddy.  One person tells me there is not an option for the photos to display in a certain order. Another told me it's a known glitch. Another told me there is no glitch and to delete my photos and re upload them.  Didn't work Smiley Sad. I can't publish or even use the site if my photos won't stay in the order I need them in.  I have a vacation home we lease, the flow of the photos is very very important Smiley Sad  So frustrating


Re: Photo Order

Yes, this is broken. It changes the order, size  and the orientation on my site which is simple. Also working with the photos is excessively slow and a waste of time. I was trying to use photos (a simple thing since the birth o the internet) to generate site traffic but this is inhibiting my site more than helping it.


Archived Photo, How to delete

How do I permanently delete photo from my Archived photos?



Out of order on Mobile

I have page of photos and descriptions of sheep ( ie products)  the order on the mobile site is not in the same order as the website.  Can anyone help me figure out how to reorder the pictures and descriptions so they are correct?  I built this in Website builder.


Re: Photo Order

When you go into the photo gallery area a menu will pull up on the side. You'll notice all the pics you have, and they'll be small little boxes. If you LEFT click one of those boxes and attempt to drag it you'll notice a cursor that shows four way arrows. You'll be able to drag it wherever you wan't within the pictures you have on that side bar.


Make sure you're letting it save the order before you preview, and know that preview is not always the best reflection of the published work. If this does not work try a new browser. Like switch from Chrome to Firefox or vice versa.