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Let's connect with other professional developers!

Hi, I'm John


I have been developing websites for about 15 years and am always proud to be with GoDaddy. As a developer, I find it is difficult to find others with a similar expertise as far as custom coding. This is understandable as every developer has their strengths and weaknesses so I am excited to connect with others who can share some neat talents that we don't all share. Coding is an art to me, excited to connect with other like-minded individuals!

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Welcome to the Community. I've been doing websites since 1997 and been using GoDaddy for most of that time. I started with FrontPage / notepad editor. Now I use WordPress for speed and ease of updates. I know PHP and can make tweaks and debug but I don't code from the ground up.



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Hey John! Welcome.


Andy here. I look after our GoDaddy Pro community. Prior to joining GoDaddy in 2015 I hopped between in-house, agency and freelance web development work. Mostly doing stuff with WordPress.


I'm eyeing Vue and JAMstack stuff to brush up on my dev chops. Haven't done enough with Node. Lots of interesting things happening there. 🙂



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Hello @JayRemedy and welcome to the GoDaddy Community. 


Looks like I'm like everyone so far in this thread. I've been using GoDaddy for probably a good 8 years now. 


I normally do Wordpress with Elementor plug-in. I feel like this is the easiest to use, and when need to hand over to client or whoever, its easy to teach them for the most part how to use, since I do mostly basic pages. 


I have do some HTML, JavaScript, and CSS here lately soon to start working with APIs. You can check out that first piece of work here - .


I also tried out some Ruby a while back, but never took off with it. You can see that piece of work here - .


But good discussion, thanks for kicking of this thread! I'm curious to hear from others!

Very Respectfully,

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