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    Former Employee

    FAQ: Get the Latest on the GoDaddy Pro Program & Tools from Our Experts!

    During our recent AMA (ask me anything) we had a number of terrific questions posted by members.  Below you'll find the recap of questions and answers.


    Q: How many GoDaddy Pros are registered?

    A: GoDaddy Pro partners with over 200,000 web developers and designers who have signed up for our program globally to serve our small business customers, and that number is growing. Our Pro members range from those managing one site to more advanced Pro's managing multiple sites.


    Q: I can't find the "Go Daddy Pro Monitoring" option anywhere anymore. I'm still getting notifications from previous domain monitoring I've setup but I can't find the option to add any new sites? Is this now part of ManageWP?

    A: When we acquired ManageWP (now Pro Sites in the GoDaddy experience) we wanted to make the experience centered more around a Client management experience, a site management experience and a rewards experience that all work well together. When we did that we started the process of moving site monitoring into the site management experience but it sounds like we lost some functionality that you found useful. We will look at getting this experience improved.


    Q: What kind of experience does one need to become a GoDaddy Pro member?

    A: The GoDaddy Pro Program focuses on web designers and web developers. To become a pro member, there is no specific experience required. Pro members can even move to a Pro Plus Status as they purchase GoDaddy products and gain points.


    Q: What can you tell us about the "typical" Pro in this program?

    A: We currently have over 200k Pros in the program, spread out across the globe. It's hard to pinpoint a single Pro persona, because it goes from web designers building websites as a hobby, all the way to web professionals with maintenance contracts for 50+ websites. For privacy reasons I can't go into the specifics, but I can say that the purchased solutions vary quite a bit, and usually fit the scope of service that the person has: hosting, domains, email, SEO, email marketing, security services, and more.


    Q: Will Pro Plus members ever get commission on carts that purchased and renewals?

    A: Reward points can be redeemed for in-store credit that you can use for new purchases or renewals of products in your account. Also as you noticed, once you've earned enough points you'll be eligible to publish a Pro Connect directory listing. We are however always looking for ways to update and improve the Pro program.


    Q: Are there plans for GoDaddy to offer certification levels for Pros?

    A: Education and certification often come up in conversations with the Pro members. There's a definite need in these areas, since a lot of developers and designers struggle with setting up a healthy business and getting paid. We are working on ways to contribute to industry programs that help web professionals as well as roll out our own programs to meet the Pro member needs.


    Q: With various DIY options available, what is GoDaddy planning as a protection for its channel and Pro Program?

    A: GoDaddy definitely offers tools that help small business with a variety of products and solutions. That said, we know a large portion (best estimates of about 60%) of the market needs a 'Do it for me' solution where the small business owner has someone build their site and connect all their technologies. The Pro program is just one of the things we've invested in heavily to partner with web designers and developers like yourself. We're trying to make it easier for you to work with our growing base of 17+ million customers.


    Q: My question relates to past experiences, we have had customers using GoDaddy's hosting products and their WordPress product only to find it hacked by malware. What assurances do we have that this isn't going to be the case going forward?

    A: We have received amazing customer feedback which is helping us build the next generation product. The new platform will include end-to-end security to meet today's security threats. More details and feature specifics will be available with the launch soon.


    Q: I've provided a lot of detailed feedback on my current infrastructure re hosting requirements, types of clients and websites etc., in hope of contributing to the development of a product that will work with my business model. But I'm still trying to wrap my head around what your ideal 'Pro' is and what the business model looks like on your end. I've mentioned this before, but most of my clients do not see anything on the hosting side. They are the type that prefers everything handled for them. They don't know where the site is hosted and don't want or need to know. For this type of client, there is no opportunity to up-sell or side sell anything from the hosting company itself - all billing and communication comes directly from me. But I can see another distinct stream of clients through the Pro program, as ultimately it's the same day to day work - updates, monitoring etc through the MWP dashboard I've been using for years. I'm just trying to wrap my head around how that will work. But if the leads come from GoDaddy, and GoDaddy wants to have a relationship with that client, that is perfectly OK with me.

    A: The Pro program tools are meant to help you manage sites and client relationships by automating routine tasks. With upcoming product launches, we've partnered with many in this community to offer products focused on providing the features and functionality that you need to manage and grow your client base. One of the benefits that we are working to improve is getting more visibility to all of the great profiles in the Pro Connect directory to so that your seeing more projects and more importantly money in your pocket.


    Q: I just became a GD Pro Plus Partner which means I am able to get listed on the GD Pro Directory. Have you generated any leads from GoDaddy Pro Directory?

    A: Many of our Pros have secured leads from Pro Connect. We're in the process of improving how Pro Plus level members receive leads and are actively looking for ways to help our small business customers that need a web professional find Pro Connect. Our plan is to drive improvements and referrals for our Pro Connect members.


    Q: What's the potential transition process for a Web Builder customer to becoming a Pro Client on WordPress?

    A: The migration path between our website builder and a custom WordPress site might not be automated today but I know there have been some discussions around what we might be able to do to help in that process.


    Q: Can you tell us about Pro Sites. What is it and why should I as a Pro use it? How will it help my business?

    A: As a web professional you probably spend a lot of time building, maintaining and updating multiple websites. So instead of doing it manually by visiting each website and performing a bunch of repetitive steps, how about you do half the stuff from one dashboard, with just a click, and automate the rest of the stuff. Pro Sites lets you do that, and more: it's got automated backups, cloning & migration, performance, security & uptime monitoring, client reports, and more. So in a nutshell, Pro Sites saves you time (e.g. Scheduled Backup, Automated Security Check, etc.) and provides additional value for your clients (e.g. White Label, SEO Ranking, Client Report). There's really no reason why you shouldn't use Pro Sites.


    Q: How do Pro Rewards work? What do I need to do to get discounts on my products as a GoDaddy Pro?

    A: Pro Rewards are available to all Pro members, regardless of their program tier. Join the free Pro Program and earn 5% in-store credit towards future purchases. Spend $500 annually to access Pro Plus status and earn 10% as well as gain access to Pro Connect. You earn points for purchases of new products in your account or for new purchases that you recommend to any of your clients through the Pro Clients app in our shared shopping experience. If you haven't tried that yet here's a video on it,  or check out the site at 


    Q: Is there a place on the GoDaddy website to get more training for building websites for my customers?

    A: GoDaddy is always working on making sure that our customers have relevant and useful video content, articles, as well as monthly seminars. The places to go to find material is GoDaddy Garage, sign up for our monthly seminars where we pair up with WP Elevation, and follow our community forum. As a Pro member you will get notifications via monthly newsletters and emails. We are planning on bringing all of our educational content together in the future so that you will have one place to go to.


    Q: As a GoDaddy Pro, do I get a higher level of technical support?

    A: Pro members have access to advanced support today based on our Pro Member feedback.  We are enhancing this support and will have updates soon on a new level available for GoDaddy Pros.


    Q: What is the difference between GoDaddy Pro and GoDaddy Pro Plus? What if I have a lot of clients but they are purchasing their own products? Do I get credit for their purchases too?

    A: The difference between the two is that Pro Plus members must have an annual spend of $500 or more on GoDaddy products. This spend can actually come from a combination of the Pro and their clients. So, both of them count. As a Pro member you can easily add a client to your Pro Client dashboard. This associates the client with the Pros account to get credit for all their purchases. A pro will get credit wether they purchase for their client or if the client completes a purchase themselves.



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    Helper I

    There should be levels to pro depending on how much $ is spent/points and an evaluation of your portfolio/credentials. The pros with the most points should get more leads to their connect profile and get some other perks. Maybe make 4 levels? So 2 additional after the pro plus.




    Worst services ever, contact 24/7? Phone unreach able. Last time I buy something on godaddy was 2 years ago, now my credit card being charged with no reason I want refund back!!! Better have live chat..... Not Recommended!!!


    why my domain name not there no more what happen to my domain name? thanks

    I paid over $500 a year up front this year for the next few years of service. Am I automatically Pro Plus? How do I know, where do I see if my account is Pro Plus?




    estieg unlike other's I have asked a question relative to this thread topic months ago and haven't heard a response. How do you think that reflects on you and your job title?

    Super User I

    How many points does the average Pro / Pro Plus member acquire each year?

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    Hi @webcami,


    Depends on how many products you either buy yourself, sell to your clients or bought by your clients. I don't worry about it as I don't want it being the motivation behind promoting a product, but I'm only about half way to getting on the Pro directory lol.............. but I'll probably get there to find that instead of being 'renewed' as in Logan's Run....... I'm just zapped 😞


    Just do what you like to do and forget about it 🙂




    Cat Very Happy “I must politely inform you that I am NOT a Godaddy employee, just a freelance developer trying to help out a little when I can. Have a nice day!” Cat Very Happy

    @webcami wrote:

    How many points does the average Pro / Pro Plus member acquire each year?

    @webcami I think I earned around 57,000 points last year. I think its a bit silly that the points reset on January 1st, for awhile it said I had pro plus status until around 2019, then on January 1st it was reset back to 0/2,500 points and a regular Pro member. @estieg @

    I had the same problem too...

    @justingodfrey @ryanjames @frankstallone


    As you mentioned @justingodfrey if you earned the Pro Plus status in 2017 you should've had the status for the remainder of 2017 and 2018. Then what you should see is that you'd need to earn at least 2,500 points again in 2018 to keep your status in 2019


    The status of your account can be seen in the Pro Rewards app.


    If things still don't seem right I'd really like to review your accounts - if you could raise a support request (either in-app or over the phone) that should help get me the details needed to review things. Don't want there to be any problems but if there are I want to make sure it gets fixed!




    Godaddy got to where it is because of loyal customers like us; be it local or international. I have over ten accounts with Godaddy, but it is very difficult to get support when needed. Unfortunately, it is about time for me to find an alternative platform