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    Community Manager

    GoDaddy Pro updates: September 2020 edition

    Hi everyone,


    We’re very happy to share our first batch of monthly GoDaddy Pro updates here in the community. These updates are intended to be a quick n’ easy way to let you know what we’re working on.


    This month’s updates focus on GoDaddy Pro dashboard. We’ll keep iterating and improving on these updates to include more details from other parts of the GoDaddy Pro & GoDaddy product experience.


    Not a GoDaddy Pro member yet? Join for free to securely manage all your clients' websites and GoDaddy products from one place.


    Better backups: We’ve moved all GoDaddy Pro users to our new, more robust and secure backup system for GoDaddy Pro Sites.


    New offer from Content Snare: Content Snare makes it easy to collect content from your clients. We’re thrilled to team up with Content Snare on an exclusive 30% offer for GoDaddy Pro members. Find it under Offers in your GoDaddy Pro dashboard.


    Discounts now take you directly to the shopping cart: In the past, the 30% discounts on the Offers page would email you a coupon. Now these offers take you directly to the shopping cart for checkout.


    A bunch of bug fixes addressing the following:


    • Edge cases where GoDaddy Pro users couldn’t access their Clients or Rewards pages
    • UTM-8 4-bit characters not showing up correctly after a site was restored
    • Premium domain sales granting Reward points, despite being against the program T&Cs
    • Occasional 500 errors that sometimes happened after program signup
    • Inability to change GoDaddy Pro member profile information


    Questions? Comments? Share your thoughts by dropping a reply below.




    Andy McIlwain

    Senior Community Manager, GoDaddy Pro



    Senior Community Manager, GoDaddy
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