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    Godaddy Pro Wordpress sites not seeing Hosting ip as a godaddy IP?

    Ive setup a couple of wordpress sites on my godaddy pro sites page and its working fine but the problem ive got at the moment is its not detecting the IP as a godaddy IP is saying its an Unkown hoster and your supposed to get all the addons activated if its hosted on a godaddy host but its not.  I did a chat with godaddy support and they said that the CPanel hosting from godaddy should activate all the addons as i thought it might be because its not Godaddy Wordpress hosting that it wasnt activating those addons but they assured me that CPanel hosting plans should be activating all the premium addons in godaddy pro but they couldnt help me anymore and asked me to call a number but ive not got the time right now so ive posted here in hopes some other user might be able to help or even godaddy support might see this and be able to help?


    Thanks in advance!




    (Sorry I posted this thread twice but i couldnt see how to change the thread category in my first post under account management and i thought it might be better posted in this category as it is hosted on CPanel from godaddy and i dont see a category for GoDaddy Pro)

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