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    Community Manager

    Recap: Building online stores with WooCommerce (Expand 2021)

    Welcome to the recap thread for “Building profitable online stores with WooCommerce” with Sam Greenspan.

    Sam is on the Marketing team at GoDaddy, focusing on WooCommerce.


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    Why WooCommerce?

    • Flexible; powered by WordPress and completely customizable
    • Powerful; great features built into the core software
    • Advanced; good for technical users, can be challenging for others
    • Community; robust and active; most popular eComm platform worldwide
    • Free-ish; open source with no up-front costs (hosting and many extensions are paid)


    Premium extensions are your friends

    • Backed by the WooCommerce team
    • Typically higher quality with better performance
    • Regularly maintained and improved
    • Guaranteed compatibility with WordPress and WooCommerce


    Premium extensions help you quickly create value for your clients

    • Sell anything
    • Sell anywhere
    • Improve the customer experience
    • Save time
    • Grow your clients’ business


    Sell anything

    • Subscriptions
    • Memberships
    • Bookings
    • Cart add-ons, checkout add-ons, and product add-ons


    Sell anywhere

    • Shipping extensions (USPS, FedEx, Royal Mail, etc.)
    • Payment extensions (Poynt for WooCommerce,, etc)
    • Local Pickup Plus (click-and-collect)


    Improve the customer experience

    • Social Login
    • URL Coupons
    • Shipment Tracking
    • Product Reviews Pro


    Save time

    • Customer/Order/Coupon Export
    • Customer/Order/Coupon CSV Import Suite
    • Product CSV Import Suite


    Grow clients’ business

    • Google Analytics Pro
    • AutomateWoo
    • WooCommerce Pre-Orders
    • WooCommerce Points and Rewards


    Building profitable WooCommerce stores

    1. Functionality: Powerful core, unlimited places to go with extensions
    2. Efficiency: Save time for yourself and your clients
    3. Delight-ability: Retain customers with a fantastic experience

    Download: WooCommerce Setup Checklist



    Start building profitable WooCommerce stores with WordPress Ecommerce Hosting from GoDaddy.


    Manage all your projects, clients, sites, and products with the Hub from GoDaddy Pro. Learn more and sign up for free.



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