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    Recap: Creating lasting client relationships (Expand 2021)

    Welcome to the recap thread for “Winning and building long-term client relationships” with Clifford Almeida.

    Clifford is the founder of HIREAWIZ and My Web Audit, a SAAS tool for performing easy-to-understand website audits.


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    Lead generation done right

    • Define your ideal customer
    • Create a compelling offer
    • Provide social proof
    • Market your business


    V4 Agency Sales Framework

    • Visibility: Identify the pain & desired outcome
    • Value: Deliver REAL value
    • Vision: Create actionable plans based on outcomes
    • Validation: Make them feel heard



    • Identify your lead’s pain points and desired outcomes.
    • What’s the gap between where they are now and where they want to be?
    • Offer visibility into that gap, and how they can eliminate it.


    Consider asking these types of questions:

    • What is your primary goal? Why is it important?
    • What’s getting in the way of achieving it?
    • What does it cost your business, and why?
    • What would solving this look like?
    • What would you like to accomplish on this call?



    • You’ll lose the sale if you only focus on what’s important to you.
    • Connect with leads by translating their needs and wants into 3 key issues (at most).
    • Show them how you will solve those issues.



    • Your lead needs more than a list of problems to address.
    • Leads need your help with planning and prioritization.
    • Use this model to help identify what to address.


    Easy wins:

    • What low-effort activities would have a high impact?
    • What might take a lot of effort, but have a larger-than-expected impact?



    Handle objections in a way that makes leads feel validated:

    1. Clarify the objection so you can find what’s truly behind it
    2. Acknowledge the objection to let your lead know you hear them
    3. Respond to the objection using “feel, felt, found” technique
    4. Explore if the objection is still an issue, e.g. “does that address your concern?”


    Secrets to long-term client relationships

    • Set clear and realistic expectations
    • Onboarding communication matters
    • Deliver and communicate value
    • Be a trusted partner vs. order taker
    • Build relationships


    Download: Agency Framework Checklist


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