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    Recap: Expand 2021 keynote

    Welcome to the recap thread for our Expand 2021 keynote with Aman Bhutani, Adam Warner, and Tara Wellington.


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    Opening remarks from Aman Bhutani

    Aman Bhutani is the CEO of GoDaddy.


    The Expand 2021 event was created to bring the web designer and developer community together, to share ideas and to support each other.


    Introducing Clare Lewis.

    • Clare is a web designer and owner of Clare Concept in Buffalo, NY.
    • For the past 3+ years she’s helped small businesses with their digital strategies.
    • During the pandemic, web designers like Clare stepped up to get these everyday entrepreneurs online.
    • In the months that followed, Clare helped her local restaurants and retailers reinvent themselves online.
    • Her clients went from uncertainty, to having powerful websites that connected them to customers, and generated real revenue.
    • One of those clients was Dr. Rankins, a labor and delivery doctor in Virginia.
    • Clare built Dr. Rankins a site featuring online courses, so that expecting moms and dads could attend virtually.
    • Dr. Rankins published content, including a podcast, to help people prepare for the birth of a child during a pandemic.


    This is the power of web designers and developers like you.

    • You shape how people use the internet every day.
    • You enable entrepreneurs, hobbyists, and non-profits to bring their ideas to life online.
    • You are the Makers of the Web.


    The numbers don’t lie.

    • WordPress powers over 40% of websites.
    • Last year, as small businesses pivoted online, WooCommerce facilitated more than $20 billion in sales, 2x of 2019
    • Today, more than 40% of all online stores use WooCommerce.


    GoDaddy’s mission is to empower everyday entrepreneurs and make opportunity inclusive for all.

    • We foster entrepreneurship, championing the mom & pop shop on the corner.
    • We’re passionate about supporting the web pro community.
    • Without you, small businesses would falter, and entrepreneurship would slow.
    • The work you do fuels entrepreneurs towards turning their ideas into reality.


    GoDaddy has more than 1.5 million web designers and developers on our platform.

    • We value the trust you put in us, and we will continue to innovate on your behalf.
    • Earlier this year we relaunched GoDaddy Pro, our sub-brand 100% focused on you.
    • Our vision is to help you efficiently manage and grow your business, while delivering results to your clients.
    • We want to empower you to expand your time and business.
    • We’re building experiences that provide you the tools, support, and value you need in your day-to-day work.


    Here are some examples of how we’re applying your feedback:


    You told us juggling multiple tools to run your business was overwhelming.

    • We built The Hub, a dashboard that brings your tools together in one seamless experience for client, site, and project management.


    You told us you wanted faster hosting.

    • We’re increasing investments in our platform; rolling out new performance improvements like op-cache; and increasing I/O limits across product plans.
    • These are continuous improvements making our hosting faster every month.


    You told us you wanted SSL included in your Hosting plans.

    • GoDaddy SSL certificates are now included in all Managed WordPress Hosting plans.


    You (and the world) told us that clients are pivoting to eCommerce.

    • We’ve furthered our partnership with WooCommerce, and we’ve welcomed both SkyVerge and Poynt to the GoDaddy family. This gives you the ability to build more eCommerce store for your clients, for less.
    • Our Managed WordPress eCommerce plan now includes 75+ premium extensions for WooCommerce.
    • That’s worth nearly $6000 of additional enhancements to help your clients ship products, sell services, merchandise their stores, optimize checkout, and more.


    We designed the new GoDaddy Pro to help you expand your time and business by combining three core elements:

    • The Hub makes you more efficient in your day-to-day. On average, our site management tools can save you 3 hours per site per month by automating routine maintenance tasks like backups, security and updates.
    • Dedicated technical support gives you 24/7 access to our team of expert Guides via phone, chat, and prioritized ticketing from the Hub.
    • Exclusive value, like a 30% discount on qualifying purchases, rewards points, and access to offers from our partners.


    A sneak peek at what’s coming:

    • A new revenue sharing program, coming later this year.
    • Client invoicing, powered by Poynt, built directly into the Hub.
    • A new Poynt-powered payment processor for WooCommerce, integrated into our hosting.
    • Proactive alerts, so you’re aware of issues before your clients are.


    With your feedback, we’ll continue to deliver more experiences and value that matters to you.

    • You know what’s best for your clients. We’re not interested in forcing you to use a different tool and closed ecosystem.
    • Our commitment is to provide the best experience for managing your sites, projects, and clients; and giving you the opportunity to expand your time and business.


    Adam Warner

    Adam is the Senior Global Field Marketing Manager for GoDaddy Pro. He’s a long-time WordPress user, community member, and freelancer.


    Welcome to Expand 2021, our first GoDaddy Pro virtual conference.

    • Our promise is to Empower Makers of the Web to efficiently deliver results. That’s the thread running through each session of this event.
    • GoDaddy Pro is built by, and for, website designers and developers. Our team includes Makers of the Web, just like you.
    • We show up every day thinking about how we can make your lives easier, by solving the challenges we all face.


    The idea for a GoDaddy Pro conference was born in 2018.

    • We were actively participating in the web pro community.
    • We were advancing WordPress through core contributions and sponsoring local events, like WordCamps.
    • Expand 2021 is another step in giving back.


    My first time on the internet was in 1993.

    • A co-worker had some of us over to her house and logged us on to a Bulletin Board System (BBS).
    • I was amazed. That sense of wonder and possibility stayed with me as I started to learn HTML and build simple websites.
    • In early 2005, I discovered WordPress, and its incredible global community of users.
    • That’s when I knew I had to find a way to make websites, and WordPress, my career.


    The real purpose of Expand 2021 is to pay it forward.

    • We’re combining our collective knowledge to create a valuable experience for budding and long-time web professionals.
    • We know the struggles of juggling multiple clients and projects; of having to use numerous, disconnected tools; all while trying to get paid and run a business.
    • We know that client communication is a challenge; that it causes frustration and lost time for both you and your clients.
    • We know that the time you spend on projects is a critical factor; the success of your business depends on completing projects efficiently.
    • If you’ve created eCommerce sites, the challenge is even greater.


    You’re the reason we created GoDaddy Pro and Expand 2021.

    • We know the value of learning from fellow web professionals.
    • These sessions cover major components of running a web design business, like building client relationships, best practices, and profitable online stores.
    • Each session will provide you with templates, checklists, and other resources, letting you dive deeper into each topic and immediately apply the advice.
    • You’ll learn how GoDaddy Pro helps you manage your business without encroaching on your day job, family, or personal time.
    • You’ll see how the Hub by GoDaddy Pro enables you to grow your business, serve more clients, and ultimately earn more income.


    Tara Wellington

    Tara is the product lead for the GoDaddy Pro Hub experience.


    GoDaddy Pro holds a special place in my heart.


    The original GoDaddy Pro program was my very first project when I joined GoDaddy 7+ years ago.


    We spent so much time and effort trying to build something that was truly unique, helping all our designers and developers be more successful and efficient.


    We’ve learned so much since then. It’s been amazing to work on this new iteration of GoDaddy Pro, to take all those learnings and build something tailored to what web designers and developers need.


    I’m excited to talk about the new Hub experience we launched this year:

    • When we set out to build this new iteration, we knew it had to be backed by website designers & developers.
    • The very first thing we did was form a Customer Advisory Board.
    • We wanted to listen and understand what you needed, and what you wanted out of the GoDaddy Pro experience.
    • This group of 70+ individuals came together, providing their feedback, thoughts on what we needed to change, and then to help beta test.
    • A big shout out and thank you to all our CAB members here today. We are here thanks to you!


    The Hub experience is at the center of the new GoDaddy Pro:

    • It’s all about helping you run your business in a way that’s more delightful.
    • Manage your clients, your sites, your projects, and your products.
    • We bring these tasks front and center in your GoDaddy Pro experience.
    • We know that most of you are managing sites. We're making it efficient for sites hosted anywhere, not just at GoDaddy.
    • Stay up to date on what you need to do every day: bulk actions, updates, backups, monitoring.
    • Do it efficiently, in a way that will bring value to your clients.
    • We know that your clients are the key to your business. Easily access their products and accounts in a streamlined way.
    • Connect to your clients with SSO. Log into their accounts and take actions on their behalf, without a lot of back-and-forth or using their credentials.
    • Make sure that your clients are buying the products they need with Shared Shopping. Send a pre-filled cart to your client, or buy on their behalf.
    • Get specialized, dedicated care from the Hub with ticketing and chat.


    There’s still so much goodness to come:

    • Dark mode, a feature that’s directly from your feedback, launching this year.
    • A commission model, ensuring you get credit for product referrals. Not just for points – but for real cash.
    • Invoicing, powered by Poynt, directly in the Hub.
    • Contracts and e-signing, bringing the whole project experience together.
    • This is not the end of our journey!


    Manage all your projects, clients, sites, and products with the Hub from GoDaddy Pro. Learn more and sign up for free.



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