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    Community Manager

    Recap: Scale your business with care plans (Expand 2021)

    Welcome to the recap thread for “How to streamline and scale your business with care plans” with Kristina Romero.

    Kristina is the founder of WP Care Market and a web professional coach.


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    Topics covered

    1. Efficiency as profit
    2. Everyday tasks
    3. Processes
    4. Finding value
    5. Scaling up


    Efficiency as profit

    • Website care is the most consistent task you can do.
    • It should become the heartbeat of your business.
    • Create a steady stream of revenue by operating at 60%+ profit margin.
    • Work towards 50%+ of your monthly recurring revenue (MRR) coming from existing clients through care plans and projects.


    Everyday tasks

    • What monthly tasks can you scale and streamline today?
    • Website Monitoring: Prevent fires before they happen, otherwise you become the fire department.
    • Website Maintenance: Protect your clients’ investments, find low-hanging fruit for site growth.
    • Client Communication: Frequent, focused updates that build trust. Earn referrals in return.
    • Project Work: Optimize everything else to have more time for projects.
    • Self & Business Development: Continue growing your platform & marketing knowledge.


    Streamlining your processes

    • Use the Hub for website monitoring, maintenance, and client communication.
    • Use support tickets through the Hub to reach Guides dedicated to GoDaddy Pro.
    • Use the GoDaddy Community to connect with potential clients and your fellow web pros.


    Finding value at all levels

    • A personal relationship is your selling point, followed by reliability and proactive attention.


    Value exists at all levels:

    • Side hustlers have lower costs, fewer clients, to offer more personalized attention.
    • Freelancers are affordable, flexible, and often provide niche/specialized services.
    • Small agencies are experienced, available, and usually offer a wide range of services.


    Executing at your level:


    Side hustlers

    • Embrace the limited features of tools
    • Offer “skinny” plans, i.e. under-promise and over-deliver
    • Be selective in choosing your clients
    • Build a web pro network and stay niche in your focus



    • Get tools for specific skills and niches
    • Offer a solid care plan with 1-2 add-ons
    • Screen clients and avoid “full-time” scenarios
    • Build a list of loyal clients


    Small agencies

    • Combine a range of tools for a wide range of services
    • Offer fully loaded plans and add-ons
    • Get clients that need proactive attention, scale them up
    • Build a team


    Scaling up

    • Drive down time to execute. Create repeatable processes that you can eventually outsource.
    • Be proactive with your client list. Propose quarterly projects to improve their sites.
    • Create a reason to refer. Clients share solutions that make their life easier.
    • Use extra time for growth. Invest in yourself to learn new skills and grow your business.
    • Use extra revenue to hire help. Predictable, recurring revenue lets you build a team.


    Download: Ultimate Care Plan Kit



    Manage all your projects, clients, sites, and products with the Hub from GoDaddy Pro. Learn more and sign up for free.



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