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    Community Manager

    Sunsetting GoDaddy Pro Connect

    Hi everyone, 


    The GoDaddy Pro Connect directory was quietly launched several years agoIt was place for GoDaddy customers to find and hire local web designers & developers from our GoDaddy Pro program. 


    The GoDaddy experience has changed quite a bit since then. We’ve doubled down on our commitment to serving everyday entrepreneurs and microbusinesses, overhauling our website and brand along the way. 


    Now it’s time for us to do the same with GoDaddy Pro Connect.


    We need to rethink our approach, creating a new experience that gives you the freedom to present your business the way you want, while attracting potential clients who are a good fit. 


    That’s why we’ve made the hard decision to close the existing directory on October 19th. 


    What does this mean for GoDaddy Pro members? 


    We’re more committed than ever to serving our global community of partners. In the coming months we’ll explore new opportunities to showcase our GoDaddy Pro members through and other channels. 


    To start with, we’re reaching out to GoDaddy Pro members who were the most active in the Pro Connect marketplace. 


    If you’re a GoDaddy Pro member and would like to find out more, please get in touch using this form.


    Questions? Comments? Leave a reply below to share your thoughts. 




    Andy McIlwain 

    Senior Community Manager, GoDaddy Pro    


    Senior Community Manager, GoDaddy Pro
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