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    Helper IV

    Support ticket in GoDaddy Pro portal

    I posted a ticket a few days ago in the GoDaddy Pro portal. I got a ticket # but now I cannot find the status and have not received a response. Where are the tickets available in the GoDaddy Pro portal? Are they inaccessible after it is sent? Surely that cannot be right. I also did not receive an email confirmation, either. And I don't know what the ticket # is now either.

    Alex Sirota, PMP - NewPath Consulting - Schedule some time with Alex
    "At the moment of commitment, the universe conspires to assist you." -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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    Hey, @Alex-NewPath....


    Just submitted a ticket and thought of you.  Did you click on your gravatar -- top right -- then My Support Tickets?   Mine are there in a drop down to choose from.  Seems you can only view the original request.  Sorta clunky and not user intuitive.


    But, unlike you I did not get a ticket number nor is one shown. 


    Like you I have not received and email confirmation either.


    Seems that a lot is going haywire as of late....Smiley Frustrated







    "Success is the sum of details." ~ Harvey S. Firestone

    Oh that would be grand @Muse but I don't see anything there. Here's what my gravatar menu looks like:


    My Gravatar Drop down

    Alex Sirota, PMP - NewPath Consulting - Schedule some time with Alex
    "At the moment of commitment, the universe conspires to assist you." -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    What happens when you click on Contact Support?


    The new "PRO" interface is completely different now that "orion" ManageWP is integrated.  The only "support" there is for ManageWP  only-- not for other issue GoDaddy tech support like we used to have access to.


    I clicked around and couldn't find any access to plain ole GoDaddy support..... Smiley Sad   Am I missing something?

    "Success is the sum of details." ~ Harvey S. Firestone

    Former Employee

    @Alex-NewPath @Muse


    Appreciate the commentary in this thread.  Alex - I engaged support for you and they said that a reply was issued to your ticket fairly soon after it was submitted.  I don't know if it got lost or was impacted during delivery somehow.  I will ask that they resend to get in touch with you to make sure the loop gets closed.


    As it relates to the suggestion to track your support requests in more detail in the interface, this is not something we have as you noted, but it is a wonderful suggestion and something I will make sure is reflected in the backlog.  Feel free to share any specifics of how you would like it to work.  


    Separately, you point out that the support experience is a little confusing since ManageWP was integrated.  To clear up the confusion, support submitted via ManageWP app will be routed to that team as primary and support submitted via the Clients or Rewards app will be routed to GoDaddy support as primary.  We are building mechanisms and relationships such that the two experiences continue to get more seamless - not just for support, but in general.  So, expect this to get better with time.  I hear your feedback loud and clear.


    Again, thanks for sharing.

    This is just stupid, I sent 2 tickets, didn't get a confirmation number anywhere and there is no menu to access them? WTF?
    I mean seriously, this is the first company I've ever seen that doesn't let me see my own tickets. Does reverting to non-pro account make me lose my tickets or something? Is it easier to find them there?
    Also, where is the support even going to reply? (If at all)

    If you need a web designer to improve the frontend I am available, seeing how clumsy the current interface is 😕

    Helper I

    I Submitted a ticket from my pro account on Friday with an issue that forced my clients website to go down after 3 hours i gave up waiting and luckily eventually figured out the issue and was able to sort it.

    its now Wednesday and i still haven't had a response. i did receive an email when i submitted it which gave me a ticket number (CM8863981)  but that's all. 

    Something GoDaddy really need to look into! @jj



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    by upgrading my plugins i got error code

    even with trouble shooter could not fix 

    can you please help must buy SSL also for 2 tyears