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    Website Security Basics - GoDaddy Pro Webinar

    Jenna Clark kicked off Security Month here at GoDaddy with an overview of basic website security concepts.


    Here's what we learned:

    • Why website security is important
    • How typical malware works
    • Types of attacks & malware
    • How to protect your business


    In case you missed it, here's a quick recap:


    "Website Security is the last thing on people's minds, until it's the first thing on people's minds."

    - Michelle Schulp


    You may already know that installing an SSL is an important security step. But, SSLs do not secure your website ... they secure information entered on your website, but they do not protect your site from malware. Jenna used a house analogy to describe a website as a house and website security as the doors, locks, and alarms that protect your house.


    Some common attacks on websites are malware, backdoors, spam, brute force, defacement, phishing, DDoS, and botnet inclusion. WordPress sites are particularly vulnerable and accounted for over 90% of the CMS infections GoDaddy cleaned up in the past couple years. 98% of WordPress vulnerabilities come from 3rd party plugins and themes.


    Cyber crimes are estimated to cost the world $6 Trillion by 2021. To keep your business from being affected, you can prevent and address attacks with security software. GoDaddy has a few products that can protect your website: Website Security, SSL & MSSL, and Backups.


    Resources for checking website security


    Sucuri website security checker & malware scanner:

    Pro tip: You can embed this checker on your website!


    SSL checker:



    On-demand Recording




    Bonus! How do you sell security products to clients who are on the fence?

    This question came from one of our attendees, and Jenna had some great advice:


    "I don't want to scare people into buying these types of products, but they also have to understand the threats that are out there."


    She recommended using the house analogy that she mentioned earlier in her presentation. It helps clients understand what website security is, where their responsibility lies, and how important prevention is.


    A little about Jenna


    Jenna Clark.pngJenna is a Technical Project Manager at GoDaddy for website and email security. She started working at GoDaddy in hosting support, but she's originally from the health and wellness industry and was an LMT for 16 years. Working with our customers inspired Jenna's passion for business and website security. GoDaddy also gave her the tools to start her own website, and she branched out into podcasting and live streaming.






    Jenna's Links

    Geek Responsibly website:

    Geek Responsibly on YouTube:



    Upcoming Events

    We have more virtual events and meetups coming up with subject matter experts, industry leaders, and some familiar faces from the community. You can find them all on our new GoDaddy Pro Events site!


    Angela B - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.
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