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    About linkage, ETC between Reseller Storfront and Reseller WordPress Plugin



    I have several questions below.


    Q1: If I use the Reseller Wordpress plug-in on my own WordPress website, will I not have to use the "Store front Interface" provided by the Reseller Control Center on the Goddady's homepage?


    Q2: When I set a product(e.g: the hosting) price of the "Reseller Control Center on the Godaddy's homepage", the same product(e.g: the hosting) price of the Reseller WP plugin can be synchronized automatically?


    Q3: When a customer purchases hosting services through me(a reseller), can the reseller provide a temporary domain to the customer?


    Q3-1: If the above answer is yes, a means can be through my own WP. website?


    Q3-2: If the above answer is yes, a means can be through "Store front interface for a reseller on the Godaddy's homepage"?


    Q4: Can I use the subdomain of an external domain to the standard store domain?


    Q5: Can my own(for resell) website be implemented using just WP reseller plug-in without "Store front"?

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