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    Getting Started

    Adding domains and accounts to a reseller

    Hi there,


    I am new to the GoDaddy Reseller. I currently have a basic plan.


    What I am trying to do is to host my own websites under one account.


    Could anyone advise me on how to do this?


    I basically want to set up an account called "my-websites" for examples, then add all my domains/accounts under that. 


    I currently have my domains elsewhere so I would then just update the nameservers.


    Is this possible?





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    I believe you're referring to the Turnkey Reseller program.


    Under My Products on you should find a free credit for hosting.  Activate it and add domains using the cPanel, Plesk, or Managed WordPress interface.


    To get discounts on domain renewals, etc. you can use a discount shopper account, one should have been created for you and you'd log into your turnkey site like a customer.  If you don't know it run a customer report in the RCC and look for your name.

    Thanks for the reply. 


    I can see the credits.


    So with the reseller I can't actually set up the hosting accounts myself for the clients?


    I figured I can purchase a plan myself through the storefront, but I can't change the price to free so I can then signup without paying myself.


    I may have misunderstood your question.  The included credits are for you, to help market these products.  Customer purchases would be done thru the turnkey storefront.  Customer accounts would see the retail and sale prices set in the RCC.  You also get a 'Discount Shopper' account so you can purchase products at the buy-rate of your reseller plan, which you would login to your turnkey site just like a customer.


    It is recommended to put the turnkey storefront on a sub-domain (like


    Then you can make your own custom front-end site on the main domain (, you can use the WordPress plugin or do it on your own linking back to the turnkey for customers to make purchases or manage products.

    Thanks again for the reply.


    I think I understand what you are saying.


    When I spoke to a live chat operator before purchase, I asked if I can set up an account for just my websites, for example: MyOwnWebsites and then host unlimited accounts under that and I was told I can.


    Most of the sites I host are my own sites, so I don't really want to be having to go through and be buying individual accounts for each of these. 


    With my current reseller that I have with another host, I just set up the customer account/subscription in my control panel, set up the hosting, emails etc and just host the websites that way.


    There are 3 different types of reseller plans at GoDaddy.  Originally I thought you were using the Turnkey Reseller program, but now it sounds like you're using Reseller Hosting.


    Reseller Hosting uses cPanel® and WHMCS to manage your clients.  With that you would be able to sub-divide your allotted resources into plans for clients.

    Yes I have the reseller program.


    I have used cPanel before, but not WHCMS. Is there a main cPanel or WHCMS in my account that I can go to mange my clients? I have looked under Products > Hosting, but I can only see price settings. Do you have any idea where I can find the WHCMS panel?



    Ok, I think I have worked it out.


    I have now set up my hosting with the free credit.


    In cPanel, I have created the account with my primary domain, and then added an addon domain, What I am wanting to do is to develop my website on and then re point my DNS to GoDaddy. As this is one of my own websites, I would like to keep my websites under one account.


    Is this the correct way of doing this?





    It is still not clear which reseller program you're using, there are three different types.


    With a Deluxe or higher cPanel plan you can point addon domains to their own folder, and yes just switch over the DNS when ready.  But for your other questions about client accounts, they are handled differently depending on if you have a Turnkey Reseller or Reseller Hosting.



    I have the Reseller Hosting (the one in the green in the table).


    I am still a bit confused about adding domains/accounts.


    So I now have my main account which I have added several addon domains and set up the FTP for them.


    They are pointing to directories on my main domain, for example: 


    I can see that these are subdomains of my main account. 


    Can I not add these as their own accounts/domains rather than being a subdomain?




    Within the cPanel addon domains would show up as sub-directories, then that is what's served for requests with the associated domain.  With the WHCMS interface you should be able to allocate resources to client accounts.

    I see. How do I access WHCMS? I have not seen this anywhere in my admin.

    It should have been part of setting up the account.

    It only sets up the account with cPanel, not WHCMS. I've reset the setting and tried to set it up again.


    I get to this stage:

    5. Choose a data center that's close to your customers and click Next.

    Then it just creates the account with cPanel.

    What am I doing wrong? !

    I could only guess at this point, you can contact support to take a look into your account and see what is happening.

    I've spoken to 4 people on live support,  of which don't know how to get to WHCMS and the fourth says it is not possible to add customers myself 😕 Really thinking of cancelling my account with GoDaddy right now.

    Community Manager

    Hi @thetoolman. My guess would be that you don't really have a reseller hosting plan but rather a turnkey reseller plan instead. If you had a reseller hosting plan, it would be as @Nate mentioned above. Also, in your initial post, you said:


    I am new to the GoDaddy Reseller. I currently have a basic plan.

    Our turnkey reseller plans come in Basic and Pro where our reseller hosting plans do not use that language. Also, it wouldn't be possible for you to add customers to a turnkey reseller plan, which fits with what our care team told you. If you want reseller hosting, the best thing to do would be to contact support for a refund and then purchase the correct service. I hope you're able to get it figured out. Sorry for any confusion. 


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