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    Migrating WordPress sites to Reseller hosting

    I currently have a few WordPress sites with another host (one main domain and several sub-domains). I'm thinking of signing up with a GoDaddy reseller account but am not sure about the process of migrating the sites. It says there's a migration tool but I'm not sure if this applies to a reseller account (this is the turnkey type at $8.99/month). I'm not very knowledgable about programming. Is this service provided or is there an extra charge for it?

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    Helper VI

    Hello @lchris33


    The easy way to migrate a WordPress site it with a plugin like this.


    Basically, you install the plugin on your WP, create a "export", after that, you go to your new WP installation from your GoDaddy hosting account, and with the same plugin you import the file you have exported.

    You can see a tutorial here.

    You will have to do that one site at the time.


    Good luck.


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    I was able to export the side via all-in-one plug in without issues. However, when i log in to new WordPress site and try to run import form file - I keep getting the following error:

    "Unable to import

    Object doesn't support this action'"


    Any suggestions, ideas how to go about it? Thanks




    Hi guys, just wanting to enter the arena of reselling Go Daddy, but have a few questions before I leap


    How many Gb is the Redundant Network on Go Daddy?

    What is the Core Server Minimum on Go Daddy?

    How much RAM on a reseller server? 

    How many Minimum Cores Per cPanel User?

    How much Physical Memory Per cPanel User?

    How much Virtual Memory Per cPanel User?


    Hope someone can answer these so I have a better understanding of what I can and cannot do.