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301 Redirects Not Working

Hi All - I am having an issue where I just installed Wordpress to my domain and completed the website import. All is going well except that my 301-redirects (that I setup via the godaddy hosting admin panel) are not redirecting to the new pages/urls. Instead they are still showing the old pages (which are also still found in my file manager).


My questions are this:


1) How can I get the 301 redirects to work properly

2) should I delete all of the old files/pages from the old website (non-workpress) from my file manager?


Thank you for your help and attention to this.

Helper VI

Your browser might be loading from cache... try pressing ctr + F5.

Let me know if you're still having issues.
~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @

Yesterday I redirected two domains to a third. One started working almost immediately. The other still does not work. I proceeded the same for both and this is not a local browser cache issue. --> WORKS! --> DOES NOT WORK!


I'd appreciate a hint. Thanks!


I have the same issue. Cleared cookies and cache. Redirects through the GoDaddy panel still doesn't work after 24 hours.


Same here - 301 redirects don't work from both .htaccess file and through cPanel url redirects.

Come on Godaddy this is hosting 101 fix this now! 


I've seen some rare instances where websites are cached at the internet provider level and must be cleared there with your ISP. If you modify your HOST file to point directly to the website and it works, but not from the domain name, this is can be one of the reasons why.