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A site hosted in US and another hosted in UK. Is it Possible? How?



I want to have a domain hosted in the US and one hosted in the UK.

This is so because I have clients in the US and in the UK.

Tey need to be two distinct domains because there are different services provided on each.

How do I do this?

Does it work with Deluxe webhosting plan (Linux)?

What are the settings?


I did not buy the domains, nor the hosting yet, but I am a Godaddy client.


Thank you very much.

Helper VI
Helper VI

Re: A site hosted in US and another hosted in UK. Is it Possible? How?

Hello @arash85


What you want can be achieved with a single domain but you need 2 hosting plans.

On your domain you will create 2 subdomains ( and

When you setup your hosting plans you can chose the data center, so on one you will choose Europe and on the other you will choose North America.

Now you will have to create the main page (you can put that on any hosting):

- on that page you can put 2 buttons for your visitor to choose between US and UK

- or you can use a geolocation redirect and your visitors will be redirected automatically.


Good luck.


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