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Adding HWID to the user's database

So, I have a Database of Users right?


In phpmyadmin. I have at least 300 user's. In a month, the program i am paying for, will be done. This connects to my database with the user's login info in phpmyadmin. However, due to the fact of my programs reason for being built; one of the thing's i want to be able to add is HWID (Hardware ID).

This adds the ability to Detect the Machine's HWID number and locks it into place; so that 1 user cannot give his login info to another user and use the same account. If so, it locks the account up.


The problem i am having is, i have no clue where i can add or even see anything about HWID in any sections of phpmyadmin. If it's not there by default, where and how can i add it???