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After i've edit a php file, I can't upload it again via filezilla FTP

I have a problem when I tried to edit the wp-config.php then uploading it via FTP.


the FileZilla return with "Timeout" error


I cannot restore the previous backup, I just made a lot of work on the website today
the last database backup two days ago.


only what I need to do is to upload the wp-config.php file with the edit.


so the question is, can I edit on the root files such as the .htaccess, robots.txt and the wp-config.php through the FTP or I can't?


as a webmaster I need a write access on such a files!


could anyone please help me with that?

Helper IV

To log in through FTP (FileZilla).  You should know the primary credentials of your web hosting.  Follow the video tutorial below.


Thank You.