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Attention: GoDaddy support may make changes in your hosted database !!



I noticed couple of abuses on my data at GoDaddy hosting form GoDaddy Support.


In couple of incidents while I contacted GoDaddy support (the same representative name so I guess he is the same guy). He makes suspicious activity on my hosting which result in my database to get doubled (from 56M into 130M). At another incident, he created a complete copy of my database and create a new username and assign it into my database. This is This is serious violation and make me cautious about what GoDaddy security and privacy assurance have on our hosting to prevent support team from playing around with our hosted services.


I each time revert into my (before support backup) to avoid what he did !!!!! now it is time to move away from GoDaddy!!!!


Super User III
Super User III

Re: Attention: GoDaddy support may make changes in our hosted database !!

Hey there @mraiman,


This sounds like typical troubleshooting with the exception of leaving a copied database, which sounds like an oversight. If a customer is facing database issues, it's pretty standard to make a backup of said database as a technician before making any changes. 


I can say that when a CSR accesses your account, they have the same access to your information as you do. Otherwise, troubleshooting would be problematic to say the least. If you take away that access, then you don't have the support you called in for.

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Re: Attention: GoDaddy support may make changes in our hosted database !!

He can make copy of database to avoid any mistake. But he can't change my username and password without my permission. also at the other incident the database size increased dramatically which indicates he is doing something suspicious (database size grow up from 56M into 130M) !


Also, we have no way to report such incidents! wrote an email to abuse@godaddy but not sure if this is the right channel 


away from the west of time calling phone support and the cost we shoulder while on waiting ! I don't know how and who give them title of (award winning support)!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Attention: GoDaddy support may make changes in our hosted database !!

Hi @mraiman. I would agree with what @MrVapor mentioned about this being an oversight. The addition of a username and password is also a possible troubleshooting step, though it should be removed afterword. This is done to avoid 1) the agent seeing your database password and as a result 2) your having to change the database password, which would then require you to change your application's connection strings. 


If you ever feel that an agent has acted incorrectly, the best thing to do is speak with a supervisor to voice your concerns. They have the mandate and ability to review these complaints and make sure they are addressed. If you don't wish to call, you can reach out to our chat support team. They are available Monday - Friday, 5 am to 6 pm (UTC/GMT -7) on the United States - English version of our Help page.


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