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Automatic Payment for Inactive account

One year ago I registered and choose a hosting plan but after payment I didn't use it, but unfortunately I got an SMS from my bank two days ago 2nd October 2017 telling me that a payment with 95$ had been happened on automatically..

When I try to login with username and password to check how to cancel this payment and ask for refund I got "Authentication failed. You entered an incorrect username or password." message and I cannot reset login in formation as the registered email is no longer working, so I cannot login to my account to ask for refund as I don't need this host anymore.

Kindly help me with this issue.

I am from Egypt and cannot call your support team. 

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Hi @se7s,


You will have to call at Turkey as your nearest support centre.

So yes, you can speak with support.


I am curious to know why the registered email is 'no longer working' was that too a paid service?

Only support can help you with this, nobody here!