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Backup Restore Error and Website is Gone

Recently my current website was deleted after following the prompts via Cpanel' backup feature. The website wasn't working properly and even after deactivating plugins and reloading Wordpress, I was still having problems. Than the option came to do a restore from the (5) backups I had done for some time. This was a huge mistake. Restoring the most recent backup, caused an error and stated that I needed to uninstall the new restore. I did this and the entire website was deleted. I cannot restore any of my backups and each backup is now stating the archive files are missing. Godaddy support says the archive files are gone from the server and cannot tell me what happened to them. It's as if they simply disappeared. Than I was told by Godaddy that I should have paid for the backup option for my site. Or even better, pay them $149 now and they can get my site backup, despite stating at first there is nothing they can do. I thought that's what the backup option was in Cpanel and I had been diligent in making backups almost every month. Now I have no site and can no longer conduct business. Everything is gone and Godaddy support is not helping fix the issue and rather have me believe the archive files just disappeared and everything would have been fine if I just paid them some extra money for the paid backup feature. Very disgusted that the site I took months to build is gone and I've lost customers due to this issue. I left Hostgator hoping Godaddy was a better company. Was wrong on that decision. Anyone dealing with this issue and somehow fixed it on their own, please let me know.

Helper II
Helper II

Hi, @inkwelljar


 I found


    It might be a bit late on this topic,  so I wonder if you still have your data base?  If so you could try loading a new WordPress zip,  unpack it and then ad you old data base to it?


     It is wild how you lost your restore points.  I think we all have lost greatly here.   @inkwelljar  I lost lots of work but never here in Godaddy unless it was due to my inexperience,  as in I once got depressed once and didn't pay my host after two grace periods,  then I was like OMG,  right,,  then Godaddy said I can pay $149 bucks,  to restore my host,  I was like OMG life is great man.   I love Godaddy,  these people are so cool and awesome,  I think it takes rebuilding from scratch,  some times.   Any how, just a pointer, I learned was,  build your self a testing only website,  in your Cpanel,  then do your updates, or installs onto it,  and if it goes smooth,  then deploy onto you focus driven website, knowing its safe.   That my friend,  is how I learned from breaking so many WordPress sites.   


 If you can install a new WordPress file folder,  to you old database it might help you a bit.  If its your last hope,  I would try it.  You might have to do a manual install though,  and string it in.  


Regards keep your spirits up! 

Wishing you the best! 


P.S dont forget to delete your browser cookies? 




Yep.. me too.  My site disappeared. And I cannot reinstall Wordpress.

Hi @Dirogo 


 Ok ,   so my solution in the past on this topic is,  creating a copy of 

   what your backing up first.

     Especially if you have a weak internet connection.


 I hover over, click make copy,  then rename it to copy_WordPress

or what ever your folders real name is.



   That is my learning curb .....