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Beware if you cancel a dedicated IP

I cancelled my dedicated IP with godaddy. The only reason I had initially bought it was because the IP for my shared hosting was down due to what the customer service agent said was a DDOS attack on that IP. After trying to get it dealt with by GoDaddy over the course of a week and all of my sites STILL being down, the only solution for me to get my hosting back without moving everything to a new account was to buy the dedicated IP. (I should have just left GoDaddy right there and then but Ive used them for over 15 years and really didnt want to go through moving all my sites)


Anyways, for months after cancelling, they left my hosting account as is, then suddenly, one day without any notice whatsoever, they changed the IP of my hosting account and didn't update any of my DNS to point to the new IP. As a result, every single one of my sites were being redirected to the person who they sold the original IP to. They kicker is that I can't call them via phone for certain reasons, no one connects when I wait for their chatbot, and theres no email support. Half a days work to diagnose and clean everything up, GoDaddy messed things up big time.