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Business hosting vs dedicated server?

Hey currently we have expand business hosting but we have to upgrade it and I believe in few months we would hit the mature business hosting (max option) which is quite expensive but its easy to use we are familiar and upgrade are hassle-free.


Speaking to a godaddy rep he mentioned going to a dedicated server for our websites, and since we know how to manage things with a cpanel he mention just getting a semi managed dedicated server. I still did not understand how would this benefit us? because i see the max cpu is 4 offered, it is alot of work but we feel like soon we are running out of options on business hosting, please guide how does business hosting vs dedicated server compare?

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The biggest difference between the business hosting and a dedicated server is that business hosting is still shared hosting just with more resources where as Dedicated is you have the whole box - typically with WHM / cPanel so that you can create cPanel accounts for each of your sites. 


I would ask what your business needs are that you are having to upgrade - are you getting more traffic, do you need more disk space - do you need more memory for processing?? Once these questions are answered you can better know which is the best server

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