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Buying a hosting plan for the first time

Hello all.


First post here, first time into web hosting. I purchased domain last night and i need to set-up hosting now, so i have a couple questions. I wanted to contact somebody on live chat but they are offline at the moment.


When i go to buy hosting plan, since my OS is windows I'm guessing i need to go buy plesk correct? Is plesk supporting various types of programming languages, or that is not important for this?

Also, if i purchase it for one month does that mean that if i upload a website it can be online only for a month, or it will stay online after one month when my hosting expires but i will not have access to change it?


Also, i intend to use this domain mostly as a testing site for my projects before uploading them online for the customers, are there any additional expenses when i am uploading or changing anything?


One last question is, if i have a domain that i did not purchase here on godaddy, will i be able to use it here with this hosting plan?


Thanks in advance for all your assistance.

Former Employee

Hi @go_nesha,


That's a several good questions, let me see if I can answer them all...

Your hosting would be determined more by the software you are using to design your website than your OS. Hosting is just "space". If you don't have website building software, you may want to consider our Website Builder with the tools and hosting space in one. Otherwise, if you do have the website building software, the application itself may come with some suggested recommendations on the hosting. By the way, support is really good at helping you make this choice right the first time.


Once selected, there are no charges for making changes to your files, but one month of hosting means the space will only be there for one month. If you want to keep the website up, you'll need to keep renewing it (or purchase for a longer term).


Finally, yes, you can host a domain elsewhere with GoDaddy. You will just provide the nameserver information (available once you've selected hosting) to the domain registrar you have the domain with. They will help you "point" the domain here.


Best of luck on your projects,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Thanks for the info. I am mostly using PHP (html,css,javascript) for my websites, what should i use than, cPanel or Plesk? Also, one more question, regarding MSSQL databases, because i saw that you also get databases in the hosting plan. Can i create my own databases and upload them or i have to use those that i get in the hosting plan? (really don't know how all of this works, sorry if i sound as a noob) So far i only did applications for PC and i usually setup everything on my PC, so do i now have to create databases using cPanel or Plesk, or i can just create them and upload, if i have enough databases bought with hosting plan?


Thanks a lot for the help!