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Can GoDaddy help me prove an email was sent or not sent?

If I get a dedicated server to host my site, and send emails from it too, can GoDaddy help me prove an email was sent to someone's email address? Or that no email was sent to this email address?


Is this supported by default if I am a dedicated server customer? Or does it require extra steps from me?


No need for entire emails to be proven, just the fact that an address address was sent to or not.


Hi @Mark_Twain


Thank you for your post. Unfortunately I am not familiar with Ded servers enough to answer that question , however I do know that Office 365 services offer that as part of its admin services and would be accessible via the Exchange Admin Panel > Message Trace 


If your Ded server uses Office 365 to send the message you may be able to utilize this tool.

For other suggestions you could try speaking with our hosting team for additional ideas. 


Best Wishes!