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Can't Manage Hosting - 'System error occurred, please try again'



Have noticed extreme lag and timeouts on one of my websites (which is a Joomla).


Anyhow, have tried to login to manage my hosting, to check resources etc - I can login to Godaddy fine but whenever I try to manage my hosting, I get an error that says 'System error occurred, please try again'.


Any help / advice please??

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Hi @3k,

You could try an ftp client and login direct. If you can't get in then something is wrong and I would contact support who will be able to access your files for you and see what the trouble is.


good luck!

Same problem here. Same time frame. I tried contacting support and they said it my be a caching issue, but that didn't resolve it. Cpanel works fine on Chrome for me. Only Firefox is broken.


Same problem here, today I get "An error occurred, please try your request again..." trying to click the manage button, I cannot proceed, all email accounts also cannot log on from the website webmail, but why email through outlook is logged on and can send/receive message?


Same here "An error occurred, please try your request again..." and my website doesn't work. FTP works fine tho.. Cant see any contact to support, chat is always busy.

Same issue.  Are they having issues?

Hi @martyandpeg, did you get that error situation resolved?  If you're still seeing the error, please give our live support teams a call so we can investigate what's going on.  Thanks!



Thanks.  It is fine now, not sure what the glitch was.

That's my experience too and I think it is peculiar to Firefox web browser because everything works well in Chrome.


Please attend to this and proffer solution.




Noo it happens to me again, last time was a week ago. 

Woke up in the morning and noticed my website is not running and I can't even connect to FTP.

This is not acceptable, I haven't even publish my website yet.

Hi @rossak,


Are you still have the error issue? If so you should try using a different web browser. If you're still seeing the error, please give our 24/7 customer support department a call so we can investigate what's going on. They can be reached by calling 480-505-8877.  



D. Johnson