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Can't connect my domain from another company to Godaddy

I have a problem of connecting my domain name from another company to my web hosting from Godaddy

I contacted the company to add A record for my domain pointing to the server IP to connect to my host but they send me 

In general, in order to update the records of your domain name with us you would need to have an active hosting plan, so you can have access to the DNS zone editor. You can point your domain only by its name servers from your Client Area with us, without having to purchase a hosting plan for the domain.

However, in case you use the domain with a cPanel with a different provider, you should be able to update its records and edit its DNS zone from the cPanel with your other provider. " 

I edited the nameservers but still can't connect to the web hosting 

Any solution please?

Former Employee

You have to of course point the a record to your hosting ip and then add the domain to the hosting... What type of hosting is it?