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Can't get database user privileges granted

I am trying to install a php package that requires a database where the db user has permission to SELECT, CREATE, UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE.  When I use the GoDaddy tool to create the database, the SCHEMA_PRIVILAGES show these all set to NO.  Trying to execute the installer script to address this fails:


GRANT ALL on dbUserName.* to 'dbUserName'@'' identified by 'password'
Error Code: 1044
Error Text: Access denied for user 'dbUserName'@'%' to database 'dbUserName'

GoDaddy tech support advised that I needed to recreate the database with direct access enabled, which I did, but get the same results.  Then they suggested that I needed to change my hosting plan, which ain't going to happen.  Any help on this would be appreciated.




I didn't get any help from this community but finally figured it out for myself so thought I'd post the answer:


My web site had been around for quite a while and was using the old style GoDaddy control panel.

Their Tech Support people got me updated to the current cPanel and my issue went away.