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Can't get my chron job to execute on schedule

I am attempting to put in a chron job that executes at a noon one day a week. When I visit the URL in my browser it executes just as I want it to, and when I simply set the chron to run every minute, this also works as well. But every time I try and set it for a specific time, nothing happens.  Is the hosting server just set to a different timezone than mine (EST) so I'm not timing it right? I want it to run at noon every Wednesday. This is my chron: 


0 12 * * 3 /usr/local/bin/php -q /home/username/public_html/script.php

Community Manager

Hi @r3mmy. Welcome to GoDaddy Community!  My guess would be that this is indeed related to the time zone of the server. All servers would be set to use our time zone here in AZ (MST or GMT -7). Keep in mind that this time zone doesn't change during daylight saving time. I'd try running the cron with that in mind to see if it helps. 


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