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Cannot access all areas of my GoDaddy account 400 Bad Request Error!

Has GoDaddy been hacked? I cannot access anything in my account and get frequent 400 Bad Request errors everywhere! Help Desk is a 1 hour wait by phone, and even submitting this on the forum took 4 tries. This has been going on since yesterday afternoon and it is seriously affecting my business. I have websites that need database work and I cannot create/access anything OR call in to have GoDaddy do anything. WHAT GIVES? There better be some sort of refund for the business I'm losing!

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Hi @Stogilon,

just thought I would make you aware of the live chat service. It's Arizona local time of 5am - 6pm. 

Also it is far more likely that your site has been hacked rather than godaddy. I'm not saying that is the case, just far more likely. 


Try this

I appreciate the thought rammsteinium, but the live chat service is not working either. The button is greyed out. This is the only way I currently have to communicate with GoDaddy.


And the issue is not with any of my websites.As I said the issue is with my GoDaddy account. I cannot access any of the features. Sometimes I get a 400 error, sometimes the page in my account is blank, other times nothing happens when I click on links. I tried to access my account with different browsers, on different computers, and even my phone. All this is from inside my account.

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Hi @Stogilon,

yes it does sound like you say, but only support can dip into your account and files to try and see what's wrong. 

Often when the chat service is saying ' no chat advisors are available' it simply means that none are available to chat right now. Not that they all went fishing 🎣 instead. 

You have to be patient and wait, and be ready at busy times. As you can guess, weekends are often busy times. 

Chat is Arizona local 5am to 6pm

Finally did get through to support. They said the servers are fine. We did a skip trace and that showed that I wasn't reaching GoDaddy servers all the time, and when I did, I would get kicked out. Basically they are saying it's an ISP issue. I'll resboot my network too just in case. Here's hopin' that does it.

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Hi @Stogilon,

well that's good you got to narrow it down. 

Good luck!