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Cant ftp to site

Have not been able to use ftp of any kind or filezilla to upload files to site in over 4 years. Fix it already Godaddy. 918 728 5111

Helper IV

To log in through FTP (FileZilla).  You should know the primary credentials of your web hosting.  Follow the video tutorial below.


Thank You.

This video is so outdated.  Please redo it.  I have been trying to get ftp working not for 4 years, but going one 8.  Hellllllllllllp meeeeeeeeee.

i gave up years ago. started using smart ftp but it quit working . been
using the godaddy interface but not in the last 3 months or more.

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Hi @Mishachiporukha and @doccpu,


Welcome, both of you, to the Community!

Here are some instructions that should help you in using FTP to upload your files to a cPanel hosting plan.


If you prefer video, you can watch an overview here



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