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Change FTP username / password

I have a domain that I've created subdomains on.  By default some are using the main domain account's FTP username / password.  Now I wish to spin some of these subdomains to someone else but don't want to give them access to everything else in the directory.


I did go to hosting, manage, domains and input the subdomain - but saw no place other than put a new password in - which looked to me like it would change the domain's password and not the subdomain's password - thus I came here.


How do I go about changing the username / password for x subdomain?


Helper III

The only efficient way you're going to accomplish this is by giving them a username and password for the CMS (custom made software) you've uploaded on that sub-domain.


I have a client on my shared hosting that has tons of emails and uses up a decent amount of MB usage. I tried this and all you can do is manage it for them on the back-end, unless you trust them with the rest of your GoDaddy products.


The other alternatives are to get your own VPS and partition off multiple cPanel accounts for your clients, manage some sort of network, or manage your own re-seller hosting plan.