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Changed Hosted Domain, Can't Setup Wordpress, Can't access FTP

Hi all. I am helping my friend chance around his setup, and we wanted to shift the hosting plan from one domain to another, and it seemed easy enough. What I can't do is install anything, and an old Wordpress update is still going after 24 hours.


Is it possible to do a reset? I tried deleting everything from the File Manager, whatever it had access to, and it seemed fine at that point. I have a complete backup of the old site, and could work with a fresh WP re-install, but I can't even get FTP access, and the File Manager works with only one file at a time, which is not helpful.


I a guessing there might be issues with the DNS/IP or something. I just want to start clean as there were security problems with one of the plugins I had been using so I want to get rid of any code that may be lurking in the old WP setup.


In a nutshell -- was the domain, and hosted. Paid for a year. is the new domain, transfered to the hosting account, and that part I did in the GoDaddy backend. A little stuck now.



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Hey @Trance 


What kind of hosting platform are you on? It sounds like you may be on the older hosting, but I could be wrong.

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