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Changing Domain Name To New Registrar But Keeping GoDaddy Hosting?

I have a site created through the managed wordpress service in GoDaddy and now want to change the domain to a new domain that I bought from Network Solutions. How can i change the domain name while continuing to use hosting from GoDaddy? Is it possible and can i keep my site's content?


Hi @Norlami


Thank you for your post. One of the benefits of using the GoDaddy Managed Wordpress platform is that you can easily update the domain at anytime without having to do the extra work of updating the databases and hosting files to reflect the change which you would have to do with a basic wordpress platform.  However, due to that your domain is hosted with a separate registrar it will require that you update the domains DNS to point the domain to the Managed Wordpress platform here with GoDaddy. 


Below I am including guides for updating a domain on MWP and how to obtain the DNS information from your MWP account. 


Change my domain on MWP


View my IP address for DNS updating


Hope this Helps!