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Connecting to a MySQL database from Android app

I want to access the mySQL database from my android app. Can someone guide me how can I set up connection with mySQL database from my app.


It will be great help if I can get to see some sample code ( Even code for basic Java application will do)


Hello @AnilD!


Thank you for posting! Can you provide some additional information so the community can understand your situation better? Which app are you referring to? The GoDaddy Mobile app? Which type of hosting do you have? Is this a database that's hosted on our servers? Etc. Thanks!


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Hi Anil,


Did you got any solution or code that is working for you? I am also sailing on the same ship, so can you please share any sample code or any useful references?


I am having my DB in GoDaddy and I have written my php code(which is in GoDaddy cPanel hosting). Now my Android program needs to call this PHP code. How can i do this? It is a great help if you can provide any sample code.


Looking forward your help.


Thanks & Regards,