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Consistent rip offs

Consistent rip offs
Never ever use GoDaddy hosting, they have changed their tactics they are now extorting all the customers I have seen it firsthand. They intentionally allow your services run out and then cut the line to your account for hosting or domain and allow you to have your information back with no other choice but to get it from them for $150 a pop. This should be heavily legal and since I have multiple clients using similar services I have seen it from the larger scale than most people would even be aware of therefore never thinking that it was their own fault for their card not working or whatever their excuses for this particular account. I’ve seen 15 cases at least in the past three months after five years of nothing, as I said not a coincidence do not use Godaddy if possible
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Re: Consistent rip offs

I sadly know this EXACT same frustration @tifsweeley and you are right that kind of billing does appear to be predatory and abusive. I just posted the other day about a client who lost their hosting and of course their website. See my post How Long Do You Backup Websites For? 


Though I can understand and acknowledge your frustration where we differ in opinion is the responsibly. As a developer I've worked with my share of hosting companies over the years. Naturally some are better with regard to billing notifications than others are. I can think of more than a few that seem to use extortion as a primary revenue stream. It has been my experience in working with clients on GoDaddy that their notification process is both extensive and consistent. Now that isn't to say that no a GoDaddy client has ever had this issue but apparently updating your account information, notification email address and phone number are only thought of in retrospect? 


Not that I'm taking credit but I did complain about this kind of a thing to GoDaddy. As a developer who had costumers with all kinds of hosting and all kinds of expiry days it was difficult for me to stay vigilent with regard to expirations. I feel as though this issue is mine to deal with and do take responsibly on behalf of my clients but it's a beast (I'm sure I'm not the only one).


Recently GoDaddy came to the rescue with the GoDaddy Pro dashboard and it is the solution I didn't know I wanted until I had it. Like I said not that I'm taking credit but now all of my GoDaddy clients are super easy to watch and manage. Accounts are easy to login to and there is a quick look over the soon to be expired products and services plus any issues with websites and uptime. GoDaddy Pro has been great, I suggest you check it out of you haven't already. 


One last note. GoDaddy isn't the only hosting provider my clients choose and though I'd like to see great customer tools like GoDaddy Pro on all hosting GoDaddy seemed to be the only provider that "listened" and addressed this complaint. I hope that helps? 


...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

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