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Contact Form Not Working - PHP file not working

My site is  Its hosted on a shared Linux account. My site was built using Expressions Web 4. I'm trying to get my contact form (located on a test page) to work. Its a simple form that used a php file to collect the information into an email and send it. I've called GD a couple of times and they can't locate the problem. I can send emails directly to my server email account. Any suggestions?


Is any one else using a simple form that they would like to share?

I read that my php file should use the mail ( ) function.  What does that mean? How can I check that?




I should also mention that my email is set to "remote" and I'm just trying to receive an email in my GD workspace email.

Helper I


ANSWER SECTION: 3599 IN MX 10 3599 IN MX 0 3599 IN MX 0
Your mx records with priority 0 are conflicting.

It shoukd either be ANSWER SECTION: 3599 IN MX 10 3599 IN MX 0

Or 3599 IN MX 0

the first will send your mail to Workspace Email the second to cpanel.

I really appreciate your help. I removed the extra line.  Unfortunately my form still isn't working. GD thinks its a php scripting problem. I don't think so because its its been tested and used on many other sites.

So since you have your mail set to remote any mail being send needs to have scripting that will authenticate it into the workspace email. Switch your mx and mail type to the cpanels records and local those are default configurations and probably why the site works in other places and not this specific place.