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Cron Job not working & FTP Jobs seems to be hanging


I have several cronjobs that were working up until 8/16/2017.  Since then they simply have not run.  I have logs that have not been updated unless I manually execute the scripts.



At about the same time, FTP stopped working relibily.  Based upon a process status(ps -fubrennanwood), the ftp server daemon appears to go the and idle wait(pure-ftpd(IDLE).

This sometimes causes connections to fail, with too many connections, until some of these time out.



Mark Brennan

Helper VI

Hi @amwoodwork, can you tell me what plan are you on?

Is it a VPS? If so, what OS are you using?



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Former Employee

There is a huge possiblity that you are using a " Classic " shared hosting plan thats getting disconnections over FTP just this week, I am not sure though if the issue got resolved already.
Best is to contact Hosting Support over chat so they can check it for you.

My suggestion is if you got lot's of cron jobs migrate / upgrade it to have higher resource level. Can be  a non shared VPS , Business Hosting or a Shared Unlimited cPanel with a tier 3 resource level.