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Current Hosting Account Status: Pending Account Change

For a week I have message in control panel : Current Hosting Account Status: Pending Account Change.

I was told that it is sheared hosting migration.

What can I do?

I think nobody working on my problem!

Any suggestions

Helper VI

@alextoronto does it make your site(s) unavailable?

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no - just can not access using FTP or panel.

Open ticket already.

@alextoronto I hope they fix it ASAP for you!

If you find my replies helpful, give me a like or kudo 🙂
And if I solved your issue, mark it as solution 😄

For the record.. I had the same problem.. I then decided since i had an FTP copy of my site offline, i would have them reset my site (take the classic hosting offline, and move it to a new cpanel site that was empty - i would reupload)..  Well, they took the old site offline (sort of, i had to force delete the "A" dns entry to take it offline because i didn't want a site i couldn't edit onlline), but now I have my old hosting account deleted, and CAN NOT re-associate my new hosting with the account because it seems my hosting account is somehow locked.  I can't even file a support ticket (like i could last week), and I'm not going to call support (these can be hour(s) long phone calls)...I'll wait for chat support on (monday?).

My Linux Delux hosting is also showing same error since Sept 27, 2017 and no resolution has been provided as of now.


Did you issue resolved? What about files and database? Is all files OK?


I have the same problem. Been calling them every 72 hours they tell me they will reset and it will be another 72 hours. Its going on the third reset now and after 10 years at godaddy reconsidering my hosting choice.



Same here now, been a few days and one of my sites says "Error establishing a database connection" and if I try to manage the hosting, it says I have no hosting or it's pending an account change.

Same here, I just can't access my sites, all the databases are offline and I can't manage my hosting, I have a "pending account change" that was Godaddy's decision and I didn't get any warnings or notice beforehand telling me how long this would take. I had to call customer support and they said it was a server upgrade that had to be done and it can take up to 72hrs.
I can't even access FTP or file management to put a redirect or just a warning to my visitors as this situation is hopefully solved.
I paid for hosting for a year, been a customer for about almost 10 years and it sucks being treated like this. Plus I was in the middle of a campaign for promoting my new website and this comes right in the worst time possible.
I'm very upset with Godaddy!!