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Database Connection?

Received this email from GoDaddy after restoring my hosting shortly after forgetting to renew it:


We were able to recover the file content that was in place on 7/12. This content was placed into the html directory. We were also able to recover database data. This data was first placed into the _db_backups directory.
Once you have recreated your databases you may import these.

Please be aware that you may need to update your database connection strings and re-add any of the sub/add-on domains previously associated with your old hosting as well as update DNS for your domain names.


I have no idea how to do this. I called aswell and got no help. I'm hosting 6 sites in total through a primary domain via multi-site.

Helper VI

@way245 you should, as they say, recreate (same name) the databases with phpmyadmin, and then import the backups from _db_backups.


Hope it helps!

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