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Database restore does not load all tables



I've made a backup of a MySql database using the control panel and am trying to restore it to a new database for testing purposes. The restore seems to complete successfully but when I look, it has not restored any tables in alphabetical order after the letter "s". The SQL file is ~500MB.


Can somebody please suggest why this is happening and how to fix?


The two most likely causes are:


- Timeout during the restore operation due to an execution time limit (or memory limit) configured in whatever application is doing the restore (e.g., PHPMyAdmin or GoDaddy Control Panel). GoDaddy Support would have to help fix this.


- Corrupt backup file. There could be a single junk character (or more) at the place in the file where it fails to import. Skim the contents of the file around the location where the records stopped being created and make sure it doesn't look strange. Use a language sensitive text editor (e.g., Notepad++ on Windows; freeware) to make this easier.