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Dedicated IP, Spam, and the relay

So this morning we got some spam from GoDaddy (ironic given the topic)... Trying to upsell us on a dedicated IP address for a domain. Here is the text of the message (the bold emphasis is my own):


"Most domains share their IP number with hundreds of others. If one domain causes problems (like sending spam) it affects everyone using the same number. Safeguard your good name with a Dedicated IP today."


Now last I checked all of our outgoing mail was being forced through GoDaddy's relay farm, where we can't troubleshoot our own delivery issues and where GoDaddy claims to us that it helps deal with hosts being added to blacklists when they fail to manage their own SMTP issues or get compromised.


So if that's the case, how on earth does a dedicated IP help if another domain is sending spam when it all goes through the relay anyway?


Hey @RiscIt,


Sorry for the delay getting back to you.


First; let me say that if the spam was in fact coming from the relay server (or even the IP address of the relay itself was being spoofed), then you would be correct. A Dedicated IP wouldn't offer much help in this scenario as the relay is separate from the hosting environment for your site pages. 


Not to say that this doesn't happen, but we do have multiple measures in place including monitors and teams to watch out for and react to such activities should they occur. Most times the issue affecting the relay is often caught and corrected before other users are even aware such an issue was occurring. 


With that said, there are other uses to a Dedicated IP. For example, let's say another users site was potentially compromised or suffering a brute force attack on the shared IP (or similar spoofing activity on the shared IP to send mail.). Then a Dedicated IP would still be helpful in making sure your legitimate site visits are still connecting.


Keep in mind it is an optional service we offer, so it's just a little extra security for you to consider. Hope this helps to clarify things. 


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