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Dedicated Server Crashes right after I login and disconnects

I have a dedicated server, one day, it didn't want to connect, so I had to go to the Server Dashboard to restart it, I did that, then went to connect, connected, I logged it, then seconds later, it lags and crashes and doesn't respond, I close window, I try to connect again, it doesn't want to, I'm sure its an expired software thats causing this, because it only lags after a notification of that software pops up, but I can't uninstall it, because it lags right after I log in, this started happening 2 weeks ago, i told the support to fix it and they havn't done anything yet, I want to uninstall two softwares because I think those two might be causing the problem, any Solution?!

Community Team
Community Team

What's the software that's causing the problem?  Have you reached out to the developers to find out if they have a work around?