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Details on Python Support

I tried to find some further details on Python support for web hosting accounts. When I used chat, I got directed to: . That seems to be pretty dated info. Python 2.7.2 is pretty old. In addition, the names of the account types don't match present reality. For example, the current set of Linux hosting plans, Ultimate, Deluxe and Economy all support Python, according to this documentation:


Do you support WSGI? What are the ways one can have your web server execute Python code? Where are the examples of how to use this in your environment. 


Do you really support self-update of Python, as this question suggests: ? I found that surprising. How does one get your web server to use a different version of Python? The answers to that posting as well as several others are so useless it is not funny. Why not provide some authoritative answers, GoDaddy, to these legitimate questions?

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Hi @KevinB1,


There is vast amounts of python documentation out there, not all of it is written by godaddy believe it or not, RTM!

That doesn't seem like a very pro answer to his question.  This might help someone: