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Difference between CPU usage>aCPU and CPU usage>mCpu

Hello awesome Godaddy Team, i just want to ask what is the difference between CPU usage>aCPU and CPU usage>mCpu ? I see on my Enterprise business hosting i consume so much 30%-80% mCPU but not aCPU. aCPU is slighty maxim at 10-15% my wordpress is ultra clean without so much plugin just 7 and really light theme.

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Hey @skynet


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To help explain, you should see an average (aCPU), max (mCPU), and limit in the chart. Average is the average usage of the time span listed while Max is the peak usage hit during that same time. Your CPU limit will never change as it's the dedicated limit assigned to your account.


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Hello great @CG tank you for reply. My mcpu is always high. When the graph reaches the limit almost I do not feel comfortable. I have a wordpress theme clean and a blog that goes from 12 to 15 thousand visitors per day. Enterprise business plan. Please take a look at screenshot: